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Jonne Jarvela by SkekKel
Jonne Jarvela
Jonne Järvelä of my favorite band, Korpiklaani :love:
This guy is what inspires me to drink beer haha ^^

I hope you enjoy it! SOON: MORE!!

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There was only blood, flowing in small, rippling streams, staining the completely white and heartless snow with ruby droplets and waves.

The snow.

It was long time since he has seen the snow. No, when he TOUCHED it. It was long time ago and he thought he forgot. But now everything, every sensation, every snowflake, came to him with blinding clarity.

The snow.

And now, it was going red with his own blood, pouring from the wound. Rivulets. Circles. And drops.

He opened his eyes, pushing himself to do this, forcing himself, he knew that if he falls asleep now, in the white-ruby snow, injured and weak, he won't come back from this dream and the sight of white perfection will be his last one.

The small creatures were surrounding him, nuzzling his robed legs with their snouts, checking him, if he is still alive. They probably felt that he lost much of blood, they felt the rivulets. Circles. Drops.

And by his powerless groans, which were making his old chest shiver and gasp for more air.

If he died here...

Just like him... just like his fellow... his fellow... SkekM---

The wound started to emmit more pain and he opened his eyes wider, trying to see, trying to observe, still, not fall asleep, not let the guard down...

The little animal with small butterfly wings and sharp long teeth was licking the wound, tasting him.

He waved his hand impotently, he had no strength to put in this blow, but the animal ran, too small and primitive to understand that he will die here.

He will die here...

Small steam clouds were emerging from his nostrils, making him look like a dying volcano, waiting for the last lava throw-up. But he wouldn't have even strength to vomit now. Even if he wanted, the pain was more than he usually felt and from it, from the cold and from the loss of blood, he wanted return all he ate this morning.

"SkekFer..." he muttered soundlessly, trying to reach for the sword and at least die holding it's pommel, like a warrior, not like a weak creature he eventually was now. He whispered incoherently some illegible words, about SkekFer, about how he loves her...

Why he had that urge to make a sacrifice in the name of the Hunter now, when his life changed, when he didn't need to do this anymore?

SkekMal WAS. He was. But now, he had SkekFer. Why he didn't stay in his chambers, but ventured to give honors to his fallen---


The small, shaky roar heaved his chest, he felt the pommel of his sword under his talons... the old sword, the friend of a warrior and the hunter... not the starlit one, who was now watching him in anger from above. He was good hunter... but now... the beast won.

His fingers embraced the pommel, greeting it almost with joy.

Circles. Rivulets. Drops.

He felt as his consciousness falls apart, as his self is collapsing, how his eyes sink in his face and his robes are ready to lay on the crumbled dust he will become in the next second.

He heard how someone calls him.

"SkekKel! SkekKel! Come back!"

There was no come back. Who called him? Schosi? She would never call him by his name... SkekMal? No... it was unimportant... he wanted to fight but his body was cold and his eyelids were so heavy, heavy like gates to the ends of time.

He felt suddenly as something warm pours into his gaped beak and he chokes on it, yet swallowing. Liquid. It was the liquid... his throat made few gulps, slowly, like it didn't believe that this warm, spicy taste can save his life.

He felt as arms embrace him.

He knew this smell. The soil, the green, the kahara flower...

"SkekKel!" he heard now with more clarity and the arms which embraced him, shook around him. "You must live, you stupid skeksis! You must live, for me... FOR ME!"

He knew he will live, for her.

His tongue curled around her name... SkekFer...

The Last Thoughts
Ugh, I came with terribly sad piece but I had felt the urge to write it since the early morning.
It was supposed to be huning story but ended up more tragic, more feely.
As always with me :lol:

I hope you like this tiny ficlet even a bit :hug:

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