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Sweetness by SkekKel Sweetness :iconskekkel:SkekKel 6 38 Eborsisk by SkekKel Eborsisk :iconskekkel:SkekKel 4 12 SkekLa Revisited by SkekKel SkekLa Revisited :iconskekkel:SkekKel 13 17
The Vastness
The days, airy feeling, smuging the sky with grey and white
The clouds, hitting the top of my head
Reaching with fluffy sheeps
Floating like a sugar rush
Where is the end of the space above me?
The vast amount of blue
so frightening
Menhirs crying in the stone circles
in the pouring rain
the sheeps moan, heavy with water
The dark and enourmous darkness
envelops the field
It reaches me with beads of onyx
The heavy sheeps, moaning with wind
the pinacles of stars, the monument of the sky
the pillars in the clouds, pinning me to the muddy ground
my hands trying to catch the lightning
that fills the sky with clarity of the crystal
leaving me victim of
the vastness
:iconskekkel:SkekKel 9 30
Practicing Skeksis Hands by SkekKel Practicing Skeksis Hands :iconskekkel:SkekKel 11 21 SkekSil in Distress by SkekKel SkekSil in Distress :iconskekkel:SkekKel 12 16 SkekKel cheers for Azure! by SkekKel SkekKel cheers for Azure! :iconskekkel:SkekKel 14 30 Happy Birthday, Azure!! - Fee by SkekKel Happy Birthday, Azure!! - Fee :iconskekkel:SkekKel 13 27
the tiny drops of the ancient rain
on my face
my wrinkles strighten, the skin tensing
the suns hitting me with their beams
the liquid eternity
the gardens of delights
the vast planes of green and red
the rain comes again, cleansing the
sorrow and pain
how long I waited for the ancient rain?
the three suns roar as they reborn
the planet bends under the gale
it's so huge
so impossible
the creatures of life
rise the heads
to taste the ancient rain
and bathe in its blows
the lost parchement escapes my hands
with my long life written on it
... which starts again
:iconskekkel:SkekKel 13 36
SkekKah the Crystallographer by SkekKel SkekKah the Crystallographer :iconskekkel:SkekKel 10 22 Why so furious? by SkekKel Why so furious? :iconskekkel:SkekKel 12 12 Providing Art - Collab with CHERN by SkekKel Providing Art - Collab with CHERN :iconskekkel:SkekKel 15 19
The Nature of Love
Because her hand was touching him in a way noone ever did...
Warm, inviting and soft, was deliverance from struggles of daily work and power plays. Warm and soft, was bringing him ease. Heat. Love.
"Why you chose me?" was her sudden question, when they were laying in the dark, in one of the secluded and not used chambers left after the lost skeksis. SkekLi, it was his chamber. Now noone ever looked here and they could express their affection in any way they wanted.
That question made him rise his one brow as he kept squeezing her palm, which was laying on his chest, circling delicately with its talons over his coarse skin texture.
"Whyh I choshe... yhou...?"
"Why you chose me? You told me you felt that long before you courted. And you know that I felt that to you since the beginning... how  you chose the right time and way to love me?"
That was important question. She never asked him why he waited. And honestly, he was not sure himself. Something was parting them for whole seven h
:iconskekkel:SkekKel 7 20
The Gossip - Part 4 LAST
SkekSo was waiting in the throne room rather impatiently, knowing that Chamberlain will come, none the less.
That stupid worm always had been coming, whatever he wished from him, and he tried to ruffle his feathers in the right way, all the time. It has been amusing him to no end.
To render this skeksis, filled with expactation and power hunger, to the whining puppy of his whim.
He looked at the entrance with ferocious pride.
Now, he will destroy this friendship between these two fools, Chamberlain and General. They were too close for his tastes and if he does it right, they will hate each other, till the Conjunction and after.
SkekShod arrived and said in that infuriating way that SkekSil is coming.
Now he will break his last bond with this fool General.
No. Not last.
The last will be thorn by themselves, when they meet next time.
His grin became voracious.
SkekSil entered the Throne room minding to be angled by the light of the shinestone lamps which flanked the doorway, so his si
:iconskekkel:SkekKel 9 17
SkekSil for Dena by SkekKel SkekSil for Dena :iconskekkel:SkekKel 11 9 It's gam-tatoes by SkekKel It's gam-tatoes :iconskekkel:SkekKel 12 22


Commission - Yozuru by Naeviss Commission - Yozuru :iconnaeviss:Naeviss 84 4 Georgia | 3D Fantasy Portrait by Lehira-Rutherford Georgia | 3D Fantasy Portrait :iconlehira-rutherford:Lehira-Rutherford 20 6 The Nyhtu by Chernabog71 The Nyhtu :iconchernabog71:Chernabog71 11 14 Ruo'Kahn The Cursed by Chernabog71 Ruo'Kahn The Cursed :iconchernabog71:Chernabog71 14 18 Sea by HeilyAens
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Sea :iconheilyaens:HeilyAens 47 7
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Fractured - TDC One-shot
The light of the crystal was blinding.
What had only moments ago been a source of gentle warmth now became scorching heat, burning at his skin and searing his flesh.
The others were turning away from the crystal, star staffs clattering to the ground as they raised their arms to shield their faces.
But by some cruel twist of fate the burning light of the crystal bound them in place.
They were completely helpless.
SoSu didn’t understand what this was happening. The light of the crystal was meant to healing, but beneath the light of long awaited Great Conjunction, the Eighteen Fallen felt nothing but pain. Was it perhaps a trial? A final test that they would have to pass before they could go home?
They all understood their mistakes now, they were without darkness in their hearts. They had repented and now they were to go home! Surely it would let them pass.
“Be...still,” his words sounded disjointed. His face contorted as he fought to find the words he wanted, his though
:iconazurelazuliblue:AzureLazuliBlue 7 5
In which skekFee is interviewed (tag by SkekLa)
NOTE: at long last here is my response to skekLa’s tag (sorry it took so long, La ^^u), an interview with the Prospector. I have cut back on some of the questions from the original tag as, if I remember correctly, there were over 40 questions. I hope her responses will prove somewhat humorous and entertaining, skekFee is a paranoid old thing but she has her moments ^^ Now on with the show :)
*Cuts to a circular room with a curved stone wall, lit by the light of three large windows of stained glass. The walls are cluttered to the ceiling with crates filled with assorted miscellaneous junk, and amongst them are many cages containing various chirping and trilling animals. There are papers everywhere, books and old pieces of cloth haphazardly strewn about the place. Amongst this all is a desk, just as a cluttered and disorganised as the rest of the room, behind which is a tall ornate chair – albeit with some of the ornamentation on one side snapped off – and i
:iconazurelazuliblue:AzureLazuliBlue 4 5



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Well, now I am not ashamed to show another gift for SkekLa :)
This couple if kissing skeksis came to my mind few days ago and didn't want to go... their kisses were so sweet yet so forbidden and dark that I melted over the idea and made this: a first scene of truly kissing skeksis on my account :)
Hope you like theee two, dear La and always remember that these two are unseparable - they will last till the end of the universe <3
Well, this thingy is dedicated to Chernabog71 :D A famous Willow dragon, which made me fall in love in dragons in my early stage of life ;)
I hope you like him! I still think he looks very cool ^^ One of the best dragons!


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