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Which Hobbit you like the most? 

17 deviants said Sam
11 deviants said Frodo
8 deviants said Bilbo
7 deviants said Pippin
2 deviants said Merry

Who from The Dark Crystal you prefer? 

29 deviants said Gelflings
11 deviants said Podlings


We, Skeksis, are too perfect for our own good!


Sun Jan 29, 2017, 11:33 AM
Hey all! I finally decided: the contest IS ON! :D
The contest's goal will be drawing Lord Counselor SkekKel
Commission 44 by Lost-Opium  Happy Birthday, skekKel! by AzureLazuliBlue  Bold Mindspeaker by SkekLa  Lord SkekKel, Counselor and Conqueror. by SkekLa  Counselor SkekKel-Refsheet by SkekLa  SkekKel and UrAnn  by SkekLa
my skeksis OC from The Dark Crystal movie.

The prize will be 30 dollars or the same in points, for TWO PLACES, 1st and 2nd.
If I get a lot of entries *at least 26* the prizes may rise ^^
AzureLazuliBlue decided to give drawn prizes, too, thank you so much, dearest Azure! :hug:
The contest will last till May so you will have plenty of time!
I would love to if some if you donated drawing prizes too? :)
That would make contest more appealing!
If you want just to participate, it's very very cool too!

Please, tell me one way or another :)

You can draw Lord SkekKel with his mate, Gardener SkekFer, too:
Skekfer's Garden by SkekLa  SkekFer in pride by SkekLa  Commission: Skekfer by raposavyk  Commission: SkekFer and SkekKel by raposavyk  This moment forever by SkekLa

If you know him well, you can also write a story with him! :)

If you have questions, just ask! :)


SkekKel: Resistance fighter by Chernabog71


Gryffindor Sophia
A fast gifty to one of my best friends, Naturgeist93 :D
I hope you approve that I put you in Gryffindor, I just see you as honest and brave :)
Hope you like this small thingy, dear friend!
89 deviations
The song was within him since he remembered. Sometimes whispering in his head, at night, when he couldn't sleep, torn by so vivid memory of Emperor SkekSo, hitting him with the scepter... then, the few tunes were falling on him, making him close his eyes and huff with relief. That memory was insistent and cruel, almost as cruel as the age consuming his body... but not even the age made him forget that one moment which made him almost mute. He was not happy. At all. He felt himself as he lost something from the beginning, only proud from being a skeksis and being good with numbers.

These tunes were his good spirits, making him forget.

When he was observing the podling choir, directed by SkekEkt and SkekZok, the two skeksis which held two completely different personalities yet they worked synched so perfectly - he was catching how rude the music was and how he could make much better melodies and even words, if someone allowed him. He was feeling that he could crash the podlings under his feet and stand there, victorious, singing... just as in his "another life", in his Uskek life, SilSol was making music to enchant other Urskeks, take them by surprise with its beauty, to later let it fall on them with shocking terror of intensity of the sounds. SkekSil could remember, too, he wondered how much he remembers from his own life's music.

He was not musical as Urskek but now he felt he could even surpass SilSol.

This song, this very one which resided in his chest, would be his "relief song". He would "come out from the box". He would be understood by the others...

While he was passing the bleak corridors in silence, the small parts of the tune were escaping him, floating around him like hurt butterflies, to which someone sticked a pin. They were inside of him too, wanting to release, to get through his throat and make the castle shake in its foundations...

These were his dreams.

But he knew that this one hit made by SkekSo made him almost unable to fix a word. And he can live through his music only in his heart and soul, the same very soul the sentient races of Thra doubted to exist in the skeksis...

Even, if his fellows will never know about his inner song, the song knew about them and was offering itself to them, if they ever approach him, to understand. He felt less abandoned when his soul was singing.

He was remembering the words from the Counselor SkekKel, when he needed an advice and seeked it in him.

"Never think that you are less. You are more. If you think inside that you are. None of us, skeksis are less. We are Lords, everywhere, in everything."

He exposed himself then, to a skeksis, who held no real bond with him but he thought, that for a second, SkekKel saw his song through his eyes.

He also saw few times as Illustrator SkekLa looks at him with interested  and even puzzled way, as he pace near her and he knew she sees too.

Why to long for others to see this odd thing in him? Most of them would shun him, probably, even despite how beautiful music he made. They posed for so dettached, so cold, so cruel... he knew most of them believe in their masks and now are as decayed in soul as they never were, in their youth.

By convenience. By getting used to. To fit.

They were proud of this strange light, in first days of the Empire, when it wasn't even an Empire. They danced, sang, threw arms in the air, mated, even loved. They were not the darkness the gelflings and podlings sees in them now. They were vigor, unexpected joy and thriving life. They weren't evil. They were active part of life, always in the move, always wanting more, unsatiated and beautiful.

Now, they all were a decaying society. No huge balls in gathering chamber anymore, no feasts apart from daily feeding. How many of their long gone glory still resided in hearts of his fellows, concealed, stuffed inside, muted, as he was mute? How many more wanted to again show themselves' their true nature but they just forgot how to BE?

They will remind it one day, if its given to them, by Great Conjunction or any other miracle. To steer them all from stagnation, to show them the old path. The old life.

And SkekShod wanted his song to be one of the element of the most beautiful awakening.

He looked at the small light in the far corner in the corridor which he was passing. Interested, he moved closer, approaching the shiny object.
Small shard of the crystal. Like many surrounding the castle, the child of the Great Crystal, the force that was giving them life, prolong it it and making them stronger, to survive one more day, one more month, one more trine.

Only few trines more, small crystal, he thought, only few trines more... and we are free.
A Song
This is an odd story. Contradicting all truths about skeksis that are given in the canon.
Yet, this one is true to MY view on them. They never were truly lost to me. They always were beautiful. I always loved them.

I hope you like and more - understand this point of view <3
And wish skeksis from my AU to reach the point of life, when they can turn back time.


21 deviants said Elves
18 deviants said Hobbits
8 deviants said Dwarves

Xena or Gabrielle? 

30 deviants said Xena
16 deviants said Gabrielle

Which Gaul? ^^ 

26 deviants said Asterix
11 deviants said Obelix

Which Skeksis (The Dark Crystal) you like most? 

16 deviants said SkekSil
9 deviants said SkekUng
6 deviants said SkekEkt
4 deviants said SkekZok
3 deviants said SkekTek
3 deviants said SkekOk
3 deviants said SkekShod
1 deviant said SkekNa
1 deviant said SkekAyuk
1 deviant said SkekSo


Hello, dear Kel! wanting to know if you are ok! ^^ I send you an immense hug!!!
Sat Nov 7, 2015, 2:07 AM
HI THERE, DEAR KEL!!!Just wanting to send you a huge HUG!!!!! :Cuddle:
Tue Nov 3, 2015, 6:46 AM
Happy Halloween, Lord SkekKel! :)
Sat Oct 31, 2015, 7:49 AM
Hello, Skeksis Lord :D
Fri Oct 16, 2015, 9:51 PM
Yay for the skeksis!! ^^
Mon Oct 5, 2015, 1:16 AM
Hello again, my dear Lord Kel :aww:
Wed Sep 30, 2015, 6:49 AM
:huggle: *after squealing exaggerately* Good morning, friend! :glomp:
Wed Sep 30, 2015, 2:56 AM
Wed Sep 30, 2015, 2:56 AM
Mon Sep 28, 2015, 12:55 AM
I like SkekSi the Chamberlain you know what to be a skeksi 2
Sun Sep 27, 2015, 5:20 AM


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